How to make safe the first scuba dive?

Who among us a few years ago did not stare programs about Jacques-Yves Cousteau! On the screen was constantly yacht "Calypso", from the Board which could survey the vast oceans, huge whales and flocks of flying fish. But what lurks in the water column, we examined the eyes of d

Sun-warmed coral reefs with parrot fish and other motley inhabitants. Or a seahorse, constantly keeping watch over its nest in the seaweed forest. And someone attracted the inhabitants of super-depth, where the rays of bathyscaphe and divers were the first and perhaps the only ones. As if flattened by the monstrous pressure, the sea monsters looked into the camera with blind eyes, it seemed that they had descended from the paintings of Salvador Dali.

But "on TV" - this is one impression, and my own eyes - completely different. True, the Black Sea paints do not at all resemble the tropical aquarium of the Red or Mediterranean seas. And if you are not going to become a professional immigrant, emotions will primarily be of interest to you. To make them only positive, remember some simple rules.

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Rule number one. Introduction (dive for "dummies", which takes place under the full control of the instructor) simply can not cost 4.5 USD: your equipment will be at least one and a half thousand dollars, and the instructor is fully responsible for your life and health. Common to all resorts in the world, whether it be the coast of Antalya or Cyprus, the island of Honshu, or Sochi, the price for one dive is 40-60 dollars.

Rule number two. Even the most experienced instructor-scuba diver will not be able to control underwater immediately ten, and the and fifteen newcomers-because, that cannot be to see immediately fifteen steam eye simultaneously. So if a brave boy in shorts and scuba gear swears to your gang that nothing bad will happen, he's obviously lying. One hundred dives in a row all came back to the shore, and the first hundred can happen misfire. The sea, like mountains, does not forgive mistakes.


The third rule. Do not hesitate to ask the diving instructor about his documents. If the instructor's certificate you do not show, make certain conclusions. An experienced diver is a loner, nothing guarantees he can control anyone but himself. Well, there is no such profession-just a good guy.

Rule four (perhaps most important). Before diving, you must be instructed about safety regulations and health restrictions. Ideally, you should fill out a special medical form, and be prepared that the pleasure you can refuse: after all, life is more expensive than momentary risk.

fish in water

All conditions met? The sea is waiting for you. This is a completely different world, and you will love it.


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