How did I get involved in the car?

Everyone has their own way of mastering the art of driving a car. Some "misty youth" choose the profession of a driver, and stay true to the choice "for life". Others have already decided and become immature, go to driving courses as needed "to be on the level

With the filing of Gorbachev and Yakovlev has already been launched under the roof of the "garden house" in the two floors of a 9×6 meters around the perimeter of the weed wall panels and ceilings. But to get to the "Hacienda" had a vote on the highway, about a mile and walk half a kilometre downhill. Back — something like a sidecar or on passing neighbours.

Painful this confusion stimulated plans of purchasing a car. And the case turned up, but we as mothers and Fuckers, I missed a "Field" according to the queue at the mill. Lost turn for the ridiculous reason of not having rights and lack of money. Was hoping the next would be eight or something. But restructuring has gone off the rails turn grunted and crumbled like typesetting.

And life continued in sorrow. I was right, gathered some money and it is time to actively search. Turned up at the mill Drover cars from Poland, decent and good Valera, he was offered a ten-Mazda-626(!), Hatchback, Navy blue in "two pieces" of dollars. After he "oversaw" we helped to pass inspection and stuff. The transaction took place, and I pump has stopped at the plant and parked at the entrance of the wardrobe.

Mazda — my love, she deserves poems or odes. It was released in Germany, then sold to Poland and from there moved to Chisinau (the owners were women). When out of the service manual in German I learned that the headquarters of the company Mazda is located in Hiroshima, I was welling up with tears. Mazda seemed to me to be a Phoenix, born from the nuclear ashes.

We pompously used it for ten years. I replaced the right grenade for the grenade from nines, who came up in total-in-total. Everything about her breathed reasonableness and good quality. From car magazines, I learned that the exact same model, the Japanese at the time, gave Lev Yashin. It was a real cherry on the cake: even so to join the famous goalkeeper.

And now it's time to leave the blessed Moldova, which took place almost 30 years — the best, happiest years. Was sold "at a reasonable price" triad "apartment-the car-giving" and bought a house in Mobile Alabama. Had to pass on the right, and also not one attempt practical driving. Under American law to give the cars is impossible, therefore the son sold me his Korean Leganza for one (!) the dollar, he bought (on credit) a big Nissan with a traditional transmission.

A little later we were forced to spend the money on another car, and the Leganza passed to the centre in a bill for the Mazda-3 hatchback — one thousand dollars. Personal experience was not in vain: I'm a fan of the firm "Mazda", especially I like its emblem, the wings, it resembles a Phoenix. Our Mazda-3 — 2007 year of release, and always pleased with their service, without any failures.


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