Heroes of the Storm is currently

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Blizzard The company says Heroes of the Storm Is "Much closer to an WoTLK Classic Gold Experience"

The Blizzard game Heroes of the Storm may be a bit similar to the Real-time Strategy game Starcraft II, but director Dustin Browder has described the experience of the game as being more in line with that from World of Warcraft.

While the majority of multiplayer online battle arena games use the same layout of the maps they use, Browder interviewed by P2Pah stated that Blizzard had a unique strategy in Heroes of the Storm. Browder described each battlefield as "its individual experience" which is a lot more like an actual World of Warcraft experience as instead of the Starcraft experience. We're trying to create something different enough to draw our own fans."

Similar to other games in the genre, small one-on-one matches can be a precursor to more extensive team-wide battles.

Browder explained the reasons Blizzard made the decision to label Heroes of the Storm a brawler, as opposed to an MOBA and said "one of the aspects we wanted to emphasize within the game is that it's full of action. We thought it was a good representation of what we're trying create, a multiplayer game where you can join with your buddies and fight the other players."

Browder said that the name "action real-time strategy" was also considered, as is the way Valve calls its game for free Dota 2. "We decided to alter it to call it a real-time real-time action fast method," he said.

Heroes of the Storm is currently in a limited technical alpha and has no official release date. The game has players that are from The World of Warcraft, Starcraft as well as the buy WoTLK Classic Gold universes. Take a look at the rest our interview Dustin Browder below.


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