How to spend holidays workaholics?

Workaholic — a person who feels more comfortable and complete in the process, and not comfortable. But someone who is constantly tense, hard to relax. Nevertheless, it is important to constantly busy person to admit to yourself (and others!) that these "others" may do the job

That was not painfully ashamed of misspent vacations, be prepared for it morally and financially:

  1. Complete all important business before the start of the holiday— or thoughts on possible issues will make the rest a hassle.
  2. Think in advance of where, with whom and how you relax and what you will need: time, money, and other resources. Do not make too specific plans, leave room for improvisation. Listen to your body, he knows exactly what he wants.
  3. Think only about the good. If before flying to a foreign country (or the mother-in-law cottage in the middle of nowhere) would be to imagine how the accident occurs, you get sick or something happens, no matter how much money, time and effort you spent on vacation, the relax will fail.
  4. Rest is a necessary component of the work schedule and hard work, not time out of life and work. If you are feeling guilty because you are resting while others are working (as an option — because you are lying on the beach, while spaceships travel through the Universe... for enjoying French cuisine, when millions of people are starving), calm down thoughts about how productive you'll be able to work after the holidays and what will move mountains. Even advertising hares on batteries "Energizer" is periodically in need of rest and recharging, what can we say about us?

mediocre vacation

Try to determine what type of vacation suits you best.

If you are "active workaholic", I prefer active and healthy relaxation, strive to see and learn something new, travel, excursions with an experienced guide or just with good company — the best option for you. And pointless lying on the beach is prohibited: tired than from working.

If you are a "workaholic philosopher"— relax in solitude. Reflections and favourite books will help restore the vigour and strength of spirit are better than communicating with many people. Communication also works. And if you communicate without pleasure, out of duty — be sure that it will be mutual. Isn't it better to relax, to miss humanity as a whole and its individual members in particular and the newly awakened interest and goodwill to meet with family, friends, colleagues, neighbours and thousands of people that surround each of us?

If you are a "workaholic adrenalinski" — treat yourself to the thrill. Mountain trails, diving, hunting in Siberia, skydiving, camping, any activity (preferably not previously familiar and unknown) that will help to find a not shown and not used in the ordinary civilized life of quality, will allow you to gain a second wind. Just do not forget that by the end of the holiday you must be in shape, not in a hospital plaster.

Look for your kind of rest, perhaps you need adrenaline, and not beach relaxation

Man, with his head plunged into the work, like the runner who, instead to enjoy and benefit from sports, looking only at his feet and calculates the distance travelled. So you can collapse in the middle of the road! But he will win only when you do the most important thing: raise your head, look around, think about it, why does it...

You can run a marathon and drop dead, as did ancient warrior near the village of Marathon (hence the name), and you can win a prize, to take a breath and move on, continuing to train and to conquer new heights and distances.


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