What can be raised with a jack?

In the trunk or in the garage of any driver there must be a jack. Its main purpose is to lift the machine to the required level so that it is easy to remove the wheel for replacement. What else is useful for this tool?

With the help of jacks, the various devices can raise almost any vehicle. The jacks raise to start even spaceships at the spaceport! In short, the device is very necessary, very useful. But when and how it appeared?

For the first time, the principle of operation of the Jack was applied in the Middle ages military. To the besieged fortress after a bad storm, the night customized the wooden device. For gates slipped a powerful wooden wedge and with the help of wrap thick twine on the drum is broken the gate. It was a more effective means of capture of the fortress than the RAM. Assuming of course that the entrance gate was relatively simple.

Jack for a project by Leonardo da Vinci

Essentially, it was not quite jacked in every sense of the word, but only a mechanical prototype of the principle. Real full car Jack first came up with Peter Lunati — the repairman of cars.

The idea came to his mind when he saw the Barber chair that you can lift on the bar to the desired level hairdresser. This was done alternately by pressing the foot pedal under the seat and a corresponding fixing pin. Peter almost a year worked on the embodiment of their ideas in the suitable for the garage unit. As a result, in 1925 he made a small platform lift hydraulic cylinder, where a hand pump pumped pressure fluid.

In the last century, designers have come up with many types of jacks. As they say, on all occasions.

Now the jacks are divided into the screw, rack, hydraulic and pneumatic.

Most commonly used screw jacks. They are especially popular with motorists. The most powerful modern screw jacks allow you to lift the car even with a load and weighing up to 15 tons.

There are also combined lever and screw jacks. They are also popular because are relatively cheap and simple in design. With the lightweight and small size, which is very convenient during transportation.

The range of use of jacks is extremely wide. They are used not only in purely technical but also in the construction business. Few people know that in Russia in the old wooden hut when you migrate to another place do not understand. Just under the frame summed homemade jacks, lifted and then put logs, then hitched a team of horses and "carrying" the house to a new location.

Railway jack UDS-160MA

The same method was used in the West. Moreover, in Moscow in the first half of the twentieth century on one of the streets was moved using jacks even brick high-rise buildings. They "tore off" from the Foundation with jacks, and brings them under the rails and smoothly transported and lowered on new foundations, Spratley the street, making it broader. For this reason, the Soviet Union was even issued stamps and postcards with the image of the process of house relocation.


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