What are the extremes of parenting are ruining the character of the child?

Child education is certainly important for any adult who is a parent. He faces a difficult task — to raise a baby, and this implies not only feed, clothe, Shoe and educate, but to instil in his moral values, to bring fully adapted to the conditions of modern life. What mistakes of upbrin

Unfortunately, such parents ' mistakes there are many. Some examples of them are described in the works. I. Jennifer "Conversations on child psychiatry". Take a closer look.

1. "Cinderella"

This is the case when parents tend to present too high demands on the child. The children feel the lack of parental affection and warmth. Usually, these kids are very shy and downtrodden, living in fear of abuse, and sometimes even beatings. In the future, when they become adults, they are distinguished by indecision, inability to stand up for yourself, timidity and diffidence, that extremely complicates the life of any adult.

Children brought up this way, very sensitive to hostile for them the reality, live the fantasy, dreaming of the "perfect Prince" that his appearance will relieve them from the problems and take to a better life. This departure from reality does not portend anything good, because it reduces the ability to adapt to circumstances and overcome difficulties independently.


2. "Idol"

This is the case when parents tend to excessively spoil your child, in what not refusing him and fulfilling his whims. The life of the family centres around a daughter or son. With this education in the nature of the child begin to dominate such negative qualities as capriciousness, stubbornness, moodiness.

Kids-idols refuse to accept any inhibitions, they have no understanding of the fact that parents are not always able to fulfil any wish or whim. The result of education by type "child idol" is that he grows up to be selfish, unwilling to perform their duties and relating to people consumer.

3. "Hyper"

With this education, so parents watch over their child, which completely deprived him of the opportunity to show independence. Such actions on the part of parents lead to the suppression of the initiative of the child. The fruits are hyperopic indecision, weakness, inability to make decisions, low adaptability to life that characterize children growing up in "hothouse conditions".


4. "Hiphopera"

This is the case when children are deprived of parental attention and care that is completely left to themselves. The parents ignore their responsibilities towards the child and not involved in his upbringing, resulting in the child not getting the necessary social skills, he imparted moral values, he doesn't know the difference between what is good and what is bad. The street homeless — the brightest example of hypopneas.

5. "The Crown Prince"

Such education, of deforming children's character, was very well described in the 60-ies of XX century Marta KOs, a child psychiatrist from Austria. This type of education is inherent in the wealthy families of high social status. Parents are too busy with their work, they have no time to engage in the upbringing of the child. To compensate for the lack of attention they get rid of the baby gifts, let him do whatever he wants.

Education also engaged strangers: nannies, governesses, teachers.

Such children are aware of the high position of his family, boast of this in front of their peers, but deep down, dreaming of the simple joys that give parental care and attention, of which they are deprived.

The crown Prince

Raising a child and trying to give him all the best, parents should remember one English proverb which says: "whatever you do, children will still grow up to be like you". Educate yourself and be for their children by example, not spend your time and attention, try most harmoniously relate to a daughter or son, then you will be able to avoid the negative effects of education described above.


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