Why in the gym a car wheel?

We have already talked about "simulators of fast preparation". And sometimes sports equipment and produce does not need, simply to acquire a suitable (and worthless!) items, without any alterations.

One of my favourite shells — automotive wheel. Or the tire from him, their use is identical. However, the ride we are not going. Tyre or wheel we need as a training projectile. Why not make it easy, take the wheel is old and useless.

The merits of this subject a lot. First of all, its shape allows using different grips and interceptions. Then the opportunity to pick up a shell by itself, weight and size. Wheels are different, and, if desired, it is easy to find.

And of course, unconditional pros — durability (I would even say, indestructibility) and availability.

Tyre — item is multifunctional, used for:

  • Strength exercises;
  • Exercises on coordination;
  • Working off of blows.

Just warm up first! And the first workout, spend with caution, dynamic exercises heavily load the cords.

Never neglect a workout, if very little time, cut the workout better, but be sure to warm up.

Actually, really the power trainer is a rather large tire/wheel. From the truck, you can of the big. Problems to get there, but keep it... It's more for a private home or outdoor training grounds. Then you can pick up a set of tires and wheels for all possible exercises!

What you can do with the wheel as a projectile? Different, from using it as simple weights. But even if the wheels to lift, pull, push — already here there are differences from working with weights. The wheel, no handle. No, and to attach it is not necessary! The unusual shape requires different grips and a different muscle in the same exercises like. Still, the wheel allows you to vary the grip, changing and redistributing the load. Not if it helps to spur muscle growth? And again, this gives you the opportunity to use the number of muscle, usually is not included in standard exercises; or enable the muscles to work in unusual combinations. That is — to diversify the load.

But the wheel/tire is not only used for power work in the conventional sense. She performed the amplitude of the movement: all kinds of swings, buildup, promotion. Just don't be deceived, too using inertia. The goal is not "just wave" object, using the fact that you work for inertia. Alas, the use of such work is not enough. Therefore, even when working at wide amplitudes — in swing movements at the delay and spin — control shell. Smaller allow inertia to do your work for you.

When swinging and spinning - control the projectile, do not let the inertia do the work for you

Very significantly affects the way grip. It's not the weight of the handle here.

The tire is easiest to take the inner edge. Wheel Assembly, with the disc — similarly, the edge of the hole in the disk. Got wheels are smaller and narrower — from motorcycles, scooters, tillers. In which the thickness of the ribs from the tread allows you to take one hand. If such a grip is not strong enough for a peak arm movement included in the movement of the legs and body. Let them come out not quite conceived exercise — it does not matter if there is no problem to work out a specific muscle group. Such methods are generally more focused on the study of the structure of the body than on the actual "quality".

Taking the wheel in each hand, handy to box with shadows. Although... I said "comfortable"? Wrong! Whether it happens in a warm bed, the workout is hard and difficult. No, it happens easily and in a rush — but with a serious level of training. If a beginner easy to train — he just doesn't exercise.

It is convenient to be in a warm bed, during training it should be hard and difficult.

This is even more true of our impromptu home trainers. Their discomfort makes the muscles to coordinate differently than in the "normal" shells. More complex, unusual coordination and stimulates muscle development. And the nervous system, as it controls the muscles.

Two small wheels we are Boxing with shadows; the wheel is bigger — pushing. Taking the shell in both hands, running them sharp jolts in front of him. Do right: not just "throw" the wheel in front of the chest and back; turn the whole body. The main effort here is not the hands and feet.

By the way, this also applies to boxing.

Another tire (of a wheel do not try!) you can throw and catch, including giving the projectile spin in the air. Only caution!

It is possible to transfer the projectile from hand to hand, combining transfers with other movements. For example swing (rotation, generally any movement to your taste) with a hand with a tire - throwing the projectile into the other hand - the same movement with the other hand.

The wheel can be used as a prop for bodyweight training. For example, for push-UPS. How? Put the wheel on the floor, the push-up position — hands on the edges of the wheel. Or two wheels on the floor at the shoulder width (distance variable — depends on what muscles are working); the palms put on the wheel, squeezed between them, trying to sink lower.

And of course, the tire is an excellent target for testing strokes.

With a heavy wheel, you can perform tilts and rotation of the body.

Finally, on the street or in the gym to perform this exercise: pull back and throw the wheel/tire as far as possible. Sending a wheel flying, immediately run after him. Catch up, catch or pick up, again throw. And so as possible...

It is particularly interesting to perform this exercise when the wheel does not fall immediately but rolls along an unpredictable trajectory.

And of course, tyre — excellent target for practising strikes. And by itself, and as a basis for the simulator target.

But in fitness, martial arts will be discussed separately. Yes, and the tires will come back...


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