What are the good about led bulbs?

In the world of lighting in recent decades, there was a real "lampshade" coup. With the usual incandescent bulbs in order to save day after day, rising in price of electricity people began to switch to energy-saving fluorescent lamps (they are also "the housekeeper"

The power consumption of led bulb is almost ten times smaller than the "old-fashioned" incandescent light bulb. Led lighting is gradually flooded everything from industrial facilities and retail outlets to country houses and of course apartments. What is the reason for such unprecedented popularity of these simple lamps?

The advantages of led light bulbs

The fact is that led lighting in and of itself led lamps have a number of undoubted advantages and benefits over other ways of lighting.

First and foremost, is safety:

  • The arrangement of such lighting does not contain harmful substances, which suffers, for example, the same fluorescent "housekeeper" (as we all know, its bulbs contain mercury);
  • The led lamp is more durable than regular incandescent bulbs, which reduces the risk to break it and get hurt by broken glass;
  • These types of lamps are not heated, as mentioned above "bulbs of Ilyich", because they are more expedient to use lamps, table lamps (especially used by children)etc.

LED lamp

Well worth it and the quality of light provided by led bulbs:

  • On this parameter they clearly are in competition with CFLs (compact fluorescent lamps), because the led does not need to "accelerate" and gain brightness, in contrast to the "housekeepers";
  • In addition, led lighting offers the man a choice, because its range is wide: bright cold light flux and the bright daylight to a warm yellow (similar to the familiar light bulb filament);

  • In addition, the brightness of the bulbs remains the same (in most cases) if the voltage drops in the network;
  • And they have a wide dispersion angle of the light flux.

LED lighting

Additional advantages

In addition to the undoubted advantages of led bulbs include the fact that their use is not limited to the "abilities" of the lamp. It happens that manufacturer of chandeliers, sconces or table lamp does not take advantage of bulbs over, for example, 60 W. If such a light is insufficient, then these lamps can easily use led light bulb, 10 W, 12 W or 15 W, which give light as much, if not more, than incandescent bulbs 100-150 W.

Also, the led lamp is more "survivability", and not only because its harder to break. The service life of these lamps in comparison with all the same "bulbs of Ilyich" in the 10-50 times longer. A significant difference, agree, and it somewhat covers the difference in price between these two types of lighting.


Some disadvantages and disadvantages

Unfortunately, not all led bulbs, which can now be purchased in retail outlets, good quality. In such imperfect lamps found a lot of shortcomings: the pulsating light, and a mismatch of colour temperature, light flux with those declared by the manufacturer. But all these problems are solved by just purchasing a quality product from a reliable manufacturer.

In addition to this, there may be little nuances of incompatibility between led lamps with switches that have an indicator, as well as lights with dimmer (adjust brightness).

LED lamps with switches

And finally — the main advantage

How is more economical to use led bulbs in the household and commercial lighting, for a long time cannot speak. Simple arithmetic dictates that in 7-10 times less electricity will consume every element of lighting, replacing the outdated incandescent light bulb. That translated into a cash equivalent it turns out a lot.


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