Will there be a generation of deaf people?

For a long time the usual picture on the street, in public transport or somewhere else: young people combine different activities with simultaneous listening to music through headphones. The blessing of problems with it now is not present. Earlier it was necessary to carry a fairly decent size and weight tape recorder or receiver. Now the entire device fits easily in your pocket. The situation is so common nowadays that it would not be worth writing. But it is necessary to write.

And the reason is very important for this: according to the majority of doctors dealing with hearing problems in people, a generation of young people with a sharply depressed level of hearing has formed in the world. And this is a fact of our time, which does not require proof. It is enough only to take an interest in statistics. And she is like that... In the United States, every fourth person under the age of 30 wears a hearing aid. And he already in this country does not surprise anyone - they are used to this.

In Japan, in large cities, the noise level is so high that every third is already saved by "jamming" the outside noise with headphones, listening to music at a lower level than noise on the street. But this does not save anyway since the constant use of headphones irritates the ear. It develops chronic edema inside, contributing to the process of persistent hearing loss due to overgrowth of the auditory canal.

In Germany, once in an educational institution, you will be surprised to see that the first rows are very tightly occupied by the students, and the back rows are completely empty. The secret of this phenomenon is very simple: with low hearing, students and students try to sit closer to the teacher to better hear what he is saying.

deaf man

In many countries, during the recruitment of young people, they are forced to "write off" on the part of fitness only for non-combat service. Cause? Lowering the hearing, when a person even near poorly understands that they whispered to him, and does not hear the said in a low voice in three or four steps.

Physicians are concerned that modern players, discotheques, rock concerts and other entertainment musical events give a very high load on the ear.

  • For example, in discotheques, the noise level can significantly exceed 100 decibels. This is despite the fact that a hazardous noise level is considered 80 decibels.
  • At rock concerts with the use of powerful amplifiers, the noise level, as a rule, reaches 130-140 decibels. The listeners and musicians vibrate internal organs, which causes a special effect, called high. After several such concerts, people are not able to catch the sound of rain, hear the approaching car.
  • The noise level of 200 decibels by all physicians is considered fatal to humans.

deaf girl

And now the information for reflection: why do manufacturers of music devices not put in their products an automaton that would disconnect music at a dangerous level? The question, of course, is rhetorical. And the answer to it is simple: there is a demand for very loud music, and the same audio player with automatic turn off the volume will not buy young people.

But it's just plain stupid to spoil your hearing! What can I say? Protection from the fool in such devices there. As a result, a generation with hearing loss is growing. With them, then it will be possible to explain only on the fingers.


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