How to sell handmade things?

In our time, the business can build on anything. But the best business is one that is built on your favorite hobby or Hobbies. I know one avid fisherman, who throughout his life loved to fish. And came this passion to a large wholesale store fishing goods of own production and boat service

I will tell about how such a passion as manual work may become a matter of life.

In the USA there are a lot of talented people. These people are unique, they Express their feelings and thoughts, creating items for various purposes. Whether it's a piece of furniture, clothing, or accessory no matter. Most importantly, these things are made with warmth, love, and care of the author.

They are always a pleasure to behold, feeling the emotions that gave master. These products "live", they create a good mood and charging with positive energy.

These products are alive, they create a good mood.

But not every creative person knows how to sell work created with their own hands. Masters sometimes difficult to promote and moreover sell your creations. Here are a few useful tips for those who are experiencing difficulties in this case:

  • Sign up on sites that sell handmade and designer items.
  • Take some time and effort into a good photograph of their work. The very important role is played by the supply of copyright products. (Assuming you cook, but if a dish is served as a hit, it immediately loses its form and does not want to eat.)
  • Get your own LiveJournal or blog, or several, and occasionally lay out their work there. Social networking is a good method of attracting customers and the unwinding of its name, especially for beginners.
  • Put your blog in the RSS news feed of the best design blogs.

Expose the price to make it pleasant both to you and to the buyer

  • Do not underestimate and don't overprice their work. Put a price that was nice and you and the buyer. If you set low prices, your Hobbies, where I would like to earn extra money, become a burden.
  • Every town now has shops selling designer clothes and Handicrafts, they usually work on the principle of the commissary. Part of the work can be taken there. By the way, a small copyright label will not interfere in any way.
  • Make yourself a business card. This is an inexpensive but very useful tool to maintain communication with the buyer or customer.
  • Take part in various exhibitions and sales of Handicrafts. Be sure to scroll to a percentage of earned income that you spend on the purchase of new materials.

This implementation of Handicrafts does not require IE.

Participate in exhibitions and sales of handmade products

The popularity of exclusive designer clothes and the demand for them is constantly growing and this is boosting the wizards to transition from Hobbies to business.

If you are already an established master, have the permanent source of income from their work and client base, then you can think about the next stage of development. But to start is to monitor the market, define the goal, create a business plan, in General, to intercede for the sake of your favorite things.

You can not only sell but to teach the beloved, that is, conduct master classes, which during the crisis were also very relevant.


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