How to enter the workflow after the holiday?

The first day at work after the holiday is much worse than the usual Monday, although this day I hated always. Since the morning I could not find in myself even a tiny desire to get down to work.

Just a couple of days ago I basked on the beach in the shade of exotic palm trees. The head was crammed with anything, but it caused positive emotions. Having a propensity for mathematics, counted the number of sun baths that contribute to a fashionable tan, estimated the cost of cocktails and dinners in a restaurant. Or even just sit back and selectively select interesting excursions and evening outfits for romantic meetings with the blue-eyed aborigine.

Lord, what kind of deals, sales and negotiations? It's a completely different world.

" The third day is reluctant to work - probably, this is the environment, " - purred words from the unknown song and remembered the serious expression of the chef's face at the morning planner. Of his half-hour speech, only two words were remembered: "self-discipline" and " self-organization ." From which, and so it is clear that you have to take on your own. And no matter how many ravens outside the window, which I began to consider, that at least a little to depict the concentration on the sunburnt face, still no one for me will fulfil the instructions of the chef.


Stupidly stared at a blank sheet of paper, drew a funny face and even looked up at the blank screen of the monitor.  

"Irina Petrovna," she heard, as if from another world. "Pick up the phone." Chef.

I sighed and went to the phone.  

"You'll have to come and see me in half an hour," a familiar voice heard, followed by a short beep.

Sadly returned to the workplace and from the corner of her eye caught the increased interest of employees.

Here they are, my beloved colleagues. All before me. I see them every day more than my family. And I know everyone how flaky. Sympathy, antipathy, the most hidden seams of the purity of life, which for some reason is called personal. And even with full confidence, I can say who of them is able to twist the novel with a new one.

girl with laptop

Ah, yes, it's new. And he does not even look like a blue-eyed macho, with whom we are lounging on the seashore. And in the evening, in idle languor, I gently touched his cheeky shoulder while dancing to a melody leading to a world of dreams. 

Irina Petrovna, - sounded at the ear. - The boss has already asked about you twice.

I sighed and nodded gratefully to the employee for a reminder. I went into the office and chilled my shoulders. Freshly.  

"Not working?" - I was surprised by the question of the chief, and I did not even notice at first his gesture, inviting me to take my seat at the negotiating table.  

"She slept badly and her head hurts," she answered weakly and sighed.  - I understand I understand. However, business time, as they say, but the fun is over. The vacation is over, and serious work on a new project awaits you.

I went out of his office with a hefty folder in my hands. The state, as they say, today, "in a scrap", and at first did not notice on the table a sheet, written in a slim handwriting. Have put. The look took the first lines:

So, you're back from vacation.

girl in office

You are not your enemy. On no terms, do not yield to the boss's entreaties and do not accept a new project. But if you hurried up and already accepted it, then immediately start restoring your strength.

If you have thoughtfully returned home two or three days before you go to work, it means that you did the right thing. You managed to get used to these calls to the morning alarm. You are quite familiar with the specifics of the local climate and tolerably adapted to the change of time zones.

During the vacation, of course, relaxed and "used to think". Urgently begin to mobilize your mental abilities. It is useful to drink tonics - fruit juices or green tea. To strengthen the immune system - Eleutherococcus or vitamin C. The easiest way to fight the blues is vitamins and fresh fruit. Bitter chocolate will relieve stress and develop a hormone of happiness.

Remember that you are a woman, not a whirlwind. Do not rush into his workday everyday. Enter the course of things gradually. The organism needs to be physiologically and psychologically reconstructed, to get used to a new rhythm. Do not overload it.

Concentrate and sort the documents and tasks of the superior in terms of importance.

Read up the faxes that have accumulated during the holiday and read the e-mail. Get rid of advertising. She will come again. Look carefully, some of the messages and suggestions have already lost their relevance. While you were resting, presentations were held, the goods went to their destination and the world remained standing. Helpful Hint: sort important letters that you need to work with first.

A little time will pass and you will rejoin the work process, roll the mountains, get the stingy compliments of the chief and feel that the rest has benefited.

time pass

And now give out souvenirs to everyone, tell me where it was, what I saw. Show photos. Stop on the most vivid impressions, so as not to break the working day for your employees. Do not forget that today only you have a transition period.

After rest, I lose weight ... I do not offer sweet food, I do not drink tea ... - I noticeably cheered up, looked around my colleagues and opened a bag with souvenirs. - Flying!


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