How to become charming and attractive?

To do this, just: 1. Turn to your soul. 2. Love yourself. 3. To enter the path to your goal. This will change not only personal qualities, but even the body will become attractive, cute face, and charming smile. But how hard to do it!

Our world is cruel and nobody denies that. Every day most of us are struggling for their existence. The best you can! Sullen faces, forced smiles, biting words. "Drinks stronger, shorter words" and so on. Even women become hard like a stone! The world of mutual competition at work, in the family power struggle! On the street always pushed in the stores cheated, in General, everything, absolutely everything is trying to use you! Where do we get this spiritual comfort, where to get the strength to love even himself?

Dear women, girls, girls. Spit on it all!

To be charming and attractive at all quite simple!

1. The joy of life is determined by a joyful attitude to life itself!

Paradoxically, the fact! It's not as incredible as it may seem. If you don't believe me, look at the pictures that were taken during the period when you had a black stripe in life. Look out!

Now conversely, look at the pictures that were taken during the period when you had a bright, happy band life. Did I do that!

2. Engaged in their health!

No health — nothing! No money and miraculous means do not return that coffin decades! No excuses are accepted! If absolutely there is no time, no money — take half an hour for a daily walk in the fresh air.


3. Clothes, makeup, hair, perfume pick for yourself, not for fashion! Otherwise, internal tensions will just stick out of you!

4. Smile to the world, in front of a mirror just like that! And in General, often look in the mirror! It is very beneficial for a woman! Smile. Just so, the soul!

5. Relax, let those in a hurry. "Haste is needed only when catching fleas!". The one who is in a big hurry, always stumbling!

6. Plan your day. After all, most tense situations can be foreseen. Slowed down and think about their actions, you will do even the urgent things, maybe not faster, but better and easier!

7. Ask people and do it sincerely. Agree with those who previously did not agree. Let in the details, not in the main! This will enable you to feel your importance! He or she will not tell you about it, but this man will be grateful to you. Maybe even the rest of your life! And you throw off the tension.

8. If you are aware of your weaknesses that may hinder to achieve the goal, and you believe that you possess some essential knowledge and skills — deal with it. Accept yourself for who you are. What to do now. If you are very worried about his deficiencies, try to correct them. Just start to act in any way. No matter how effectively or not. Allow yourself to act badly.

Allow yourself the luxury to have deficiencies and not to possess the necessary qualities. And, if possible, admit it publicly! Give yourself an indulgence (remission of sins) on their shortcomings and see what you have as if the stone had fallen from his shoulders. It is very helpful and will bring relief and peace of mind.


9. All that is done — all the better! Any mistake and failure are seen as an experience, not as a tragedy! The tragedy is what makes you suffer. Experience is what makes you learn!

10. And most importantly! Be yourself! Nothing is valued above individuality! The standard thing gives the standard price. And the masterpiece... Remember Baratynsky —

"I'm not blinded by Muse its

Beauty cannot call her...


But amazed by all the high light

on Her face uncommon expression;

Her speeches are free simplicity.

And he rather than evil condemnation,

It will flatter careless praise"

And all will see you the most charming and attractive!

Just let yourself be!


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