Why you need a transparent smartphone?

Modern technology is on the verge of miracles. You can wonder a lot and for a long time. But we will focus now only on one point which by some means allows you to make transparent what had previously been traditionally opaque.

We will focus on silicon materials with a superfine mesh of lines which is supplied with electricity. The thickness of these lines is about 35 microns. The peculiarity is that a person with perfect eyesight is able to see a thin line of only 50 microns. It turns out that to distinguish between the network of lines is possible only in a powerful microscope.

Of course, such lines can be submitted not only electricity but also substances which, on a transparent monitor "draw" that will be sent to transparent subminiature electronic devices. Asks to write the word "chips", but it's not even a chip as such, but something quite fantastic in itself, sizes and functions.

In fact, it is necessary to point out the fact that transparency is used for a long time. This, of course, not only Windows (joke). For exotic and unusual in some Western firms have planes with transparent floors. It is clear that thought and the safety of passengers, using a very strong glass. The effect was very interesting, especially during takeoff and landing. There are sheer pleasure boats and boats, transparent car, transparent, musical device and so on (the list big).

Transparent monitors have also been in the sale. Their main producer — the company "LG". However, even the best such monitors give only about 80% transparency. However, through them clearly the situation in the room.

The next step in designers industrial production of transparent smartphones. A significant claim here was made by the firm "Polytron Technologies" (Taiwan). On the production of transparent electronic devices and the specialists of other firms.

Full transparency of the entire device is not yet achieved. The main problem is the non — transparent elements which cannot be made transparent. It's a microphone, speaker, battery. They have a design to mask dark stripes or do a miniature, unobtrusive. But here the problem: reducing the size greatly affects performance. In particular, the decrease of the battery forced to reduce the number of features, which you can "lay" into the machine.

Will there be demand for transparent smartphone

But for the sake of attracting consumer transparency gadget have to sacrifice its functionality compared to opaque devices. However, the use of the most modern technology to achieve transparency dramatically raises the cost of the device. The appeared transparent smartphones available to consumers, who will pay them more than $1,000.

Automatically the question arises: who needs an expensive device with very limited features, but transparent? Well, maybe someone for fun and show-off.

The future will show how much demand will be transparent gadgets. Meanwhile, their designers can be classified as weirdos with a rich imagination.


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