What is the reason for the increased aggression in school?

Scandals from school life are gaining momentum. Every day, many reports of all conflicts with everyone in a multilateral configuration.

There are videos in which teachers show aggression. The scandalous case of a teacher from Severodvinsk punishing pupils with a skipping rope became a pretext for initiating a criminal case. A woman made a public beating of teenagers for a careless attitude to learning. From the video, it is clear that beatings are not practiced for the first time. Affected teenagers - pupils of the orphanage. In Sakhalin, a teacher at a lesson humiliated a student because of a hole in her clothes. And there are more such cases.

Pupils and parents respond with the same aggression. Bullying, threats, defamation, blackmail, and sometimes overt violence. Explosions, shooting, stabbing - we are faced with phenomena that are difficult to comprehend, to develop countermeasures algorithms. Obviously, manifestations of bullying are a sign of ill health in the education system.

Recently I learned that a familiar teacher was hospitalized with a stroke after checks initiated by the parents of one of the students. And not at all about the teacher aggression, but simply because the parental responsibilities were placed on the teacher’s shoulders and with the wording “did not find an approach” they went to write to all instances. And a person who has worked at the school for about 30 years, has released many grateful students, is in the hospital with a stroke.

The situation is so acute that the issue of creation of mobile system of psychological assistance to pupils

In conditions when a report is more important than a real result, the school administration often sides with the complainants, rarely anyone has the courage to protect the employee if this threatens with measures against the administration employees themselves.

The causes of the crisis lie in the area of uncertainty. We do not have a clear picture of the school development vector. Today educational institutions are a strange eclecticism of forms and meanings.

On parental forums, passions flare up, namely, on these platforms, parents form aspirations: from longing for the Soviet school to the demands of freedom (permissiveness) for their children. Almost every post - shifting responsibility. Society has radically changed its attitude towards teachers. School is now a way to release couples of aggression and not a place of cooperation in the development of children. It would be naive to urge the parties to abandon their egocentricity, to urge to look at the situation through the eyes of an opponent.

Is there a way out? At the beginning of this year, a meeting was held at the Ministry of Education, at which the creation of mobile structures for psychological assistance to children was discussed. This idea seems to me quite sensible. It is not bad to create special response groups from among professional psychologists and experienced teachers who would travel to the field and provide early psychological and pedagogical assistance. But this is an emergency measure, a measure of local impact.

Of course, it is urgent to reduce the bureaucratic pressure of teachers - one of the main factors of burnout. The actions of teachers are limited to all kinds of regulations, the main function of education has moved into the area of their execution.

Special courses, trainings are needed, communications training is necessary. The outline of the future school, an understanding of the changed requirements of the time.

The child must acquire skills in society, to help him

But what should parents do? How to behave if it seems that the child is difficult at school if he is exposed to psychological influence?

  • First, try to find a contact with the teacher. To give the feel that you are allies, to listen to his claim. In most cases, it is possible to develop a common scheme of action.
  • If the conflict failed to pay off, try to contact the administration.
  • You can, of course, change of school, but it is a radical, often traumatic, method.

Remember, freedom does not mean permissiveness. Your child must acquire skills in society, help him. Insulation special terms and conditions will not solve the problem. At home, conversations in the network communication are respectful. Only then can you count on reciprocity.

What if the teacher is not enough competent, competent? If this is a system error, it is unlikely you will find a common language with such a teacher. You should notify the school administration.

The situation has not changed or repeated with the other teachers of this school? Think about changing educational institutions. At the time we transferred her daughter to another school for this reason.

We are in the season of "inverted hierarchy", time, unstable attitudes. And this time requires special wisdom.


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