Which finger to wear ring?

Donning a ring, we often wonder which finger it is advisable to wear. We are more interested in how it will look if it fits the outfit, will accentuate the beauty of its owner. And for good reason. Even the ancients knew that these things should be taken seriously.

Which of the fingers is to decorate the ring to change lives for the better, to become more eloquent, more attractive and sexier to grab the tail of luck?

Little finger (which the inhabitants of ancient Greece and Rome called the finger of mercury) it is desirable to decorate the ring or ring solar or greenish hue (carnelian, amber, Topaz, emerald, chrysolite). Wearing a ring on his little finger, we improve your speaking skills, we will better be able to establish contacts with the right people. It is believed that one who wears the ring on the finger of mercury, it becomes eloquent and persuasive.

To become more successful and to get reciprocity in love, put on the ring finger (which the ancient Greeks and Romans called the Sun finger) decoration with a stone the color of blood (talking about ruby, garnet, tourmaline). So your marriage was strong and durable, adorn this silver finger ring with pearls. The finger of Sun is recommended to wear rings those who crave the attention of others, dreams of fame and fortune. It will also help strengthen relationships between couples and keep the love for years to come.


On the middle finger (which is also called finger of Saturn) it is preferable to wear silver jewelry adorned with stones of black and purple. It is not necessary to wear rings on that finger all the time. It is desirable to wear when going to an important business meeting. To become more confident and to gain peace of mind, choose a ring with amethyst. Evil eye will protect you ring obsidian, which should be worn on the middle finger of the left hand. If you want to prove to someone their innocence, choose a piece of jewelry with moonstone. Wear rings on the finger of Saturn is necessary for those who are constantly faced with obstacles and setbacks. This will help them to break the black border of life and to succeed.

Decorate your index finger (Jupiter finger) ring with a sapphire or aquamarine. They will give you strength and protect you from harm in transit. To strengthen relations between native people will fit decoration with opal, and to make stronger the love you will help a gold ring with beryl, which you want to decorate the index finger on his left hand. Jewelry on the finger of Jupiter, it is desirable to carry those who lack self-confidence and determination. Ring with precious stone worn on the finger will make their owner more confident, wise will attract good luck.


The thumb (called by the ancient inhabitants of Greece and Rome by Venerini), which is associated with head and neck, and spine, recommended wearing rings made of metals such as silver or white gold. The ancients adorned the fingers massive rings or rings, wishing thus to protect their manhood, as lady's finger symbolized the phallus. It was thought that adorning your finger Venus ring-signet, to be able success in the love arena, especially in terms of sex. On this finger, you should wear jewelry the people are energetic and emotional. The ring gives its possessor the ability to see beauty, to enjoy life and the desire to create a strong and harmonious love Union.

Knowing the secrets associated with the wearing on the fingers, rings and rings that can add confidence and attractiveness, become a lucky person, to strengthen your love. Enough to use them for their own benefit!


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