What is a pizza?

It is believed that the pizza - the food is exclusively Italian. But this is only
partly true. Yes, indeed, the birthplace of pizza - Italy. Although something
similar to it did much earlier than the Italians the ancient Greeks. But only in
the XVII century, there was a classic

Now the "right" pizza can be tasted only in Naples. The nuance is that the proportions of tomatoes with the proportions of cheese of a certain grade are strictly observed. To the table of visitors the real Italian pizza is served necessarily in a hot kind.

This original dish is widely distributed in many countries of the world. It is difficult to single out the most-most refined recipe. It is much easier to list the most famous recipes from the earliest times.


The most, perhaps, famous pizza is "Margarita". This name she received in connection with the fact that this is a recipe from Margarita of Savoy - the wife of the King of Italy, Umberto the First. Although it is unlikely that her husband was preparing pizza for her husband. Most likely, it's just a legend that reflects a recipe she invented. And all the rest was done by other people in the royal kitchen.


No less known is the pizza "Marinaro". It was also invented by the culinary experts of Naples and is rightfully considered a national dish of Italian cuisine, as well as the pizza Margarita. As the name translates as "sea", this does not mean that the products of the sea should be present in the pizza "Marinaro", although here it is, as they say, the taste. It is assumed that the name went from the custom of fishermen to start breakfast with pizza. The local pizza was served with a sauce, which included fragrant herbs, garlic and tomato juice. It was this sauce that prolonged the safety of the pizza for a few days, then, of course, the fishermen who went to the sea to fish for a day or more took advantage.


Pizza "Four Seasons" - also with the Italian "residence permit". Like the first two above, she was born in Naples. The characteristic feature of this pizza is that the bread cake is divided into equal four parts and each of them is covered by its composition: not only tomatoes but also mushrooms, sausages, seafood are used.

After the Second World War, many Italians settled in America as immigrants. Of course, while they did not forget there about their national cuisine. Enterprising Americans easily realized that pizza is the ideal product for fast cooking and fast delivery on demand. In a number of American cities, there were large companies that acquired special transport for delivering pizza not only to offices but also to private applications for a house. This experience was in demand not only in the US but in a number of other countries.

Of course, at the same time, the chefs proceeded from their national traditions and the availability of ingredients. In total, according to the culinary experts, in the world are now distributed more than 30 recipes for pizza.


Popular uses pizza, which, in addition to tomatoes contains many other "fillers", giving a special taste of food. This is traditional garlic, olive oil, oregano, basil. Cheese cooks usually use Parmesan, but it can be any other. The main thing here is for it to melt quickly and evenly. Seafood - mussels, tuna meat. In the form of "filler" is very often a finely chopped sausage, filled with egg yolk. Goes for taste and finely chopped ham with pineapple slices.

The choice is very wide, and it is caused only by the imagination of the culinary specialists themselves.



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