What is perfect wedding?

It is said that October is the month of weddings. I don’t know if this is true, but I don’t think that a particular month can guarantee that this momentous event in the life of two lovers will be perfect. And what, after all, is this notorious ideality? Who creates the frameworks, laws

Do you need a wedding?

Recently, so-called civil marriages are very common. By the way, the term itself, in principle, is incorrect. Because civil marriage - is any marriage that is registered in the registry office. And what is called this phrase today, ordinary cohabitation. So, for some reason, many people believe that if they live together, it is no longer necessary to marry.

civil marriages

But the wedding is first of all the most pleasant and bright moment in the life of two people who really love each other. By this they show that they are ready to unite their hearts not only in heaven (well, so, in any case, they speak about the common life of romance), but also on earth - that is, two people consciously take responsibility for each other. Again, a child will be born - under what name should he grow? Will he be able to say that this is his dad, without causing ridicule or even resentment among others, who are well aware that cohabitation is still far from marriage.

Where to begin?

So, you decided on this brave step. If your parents do not help you, then you need to do everything yourself. First of all, talk together with your loved one, if possible, in all details, how exactly you see the wedding celebration. If you come to a common denominator, tell your parents. And here begins the most interesting! Usually, parents can take two positions. First, do what you want; the second is that everything you do is doomed to failure. So, in any of these options, remember that this is your wedding - and you need to do it exactly the way you see it.


What to do next?

First, you need to make a plan for organizing a wedding - what, where, when about what you want and can do. There are several points that need to be addressed for any wedding. In advance (preferably several months), you need to order a restaurant, buy a dress and shoes for the bride, a suit for the groom. Then find a good photographer and operator, adequate tamada. All of these are basic questions. Then small ones begin, at first glance, but it is precisely from them that the wedding is ideal.

You need to choose a car and transport in which guests will travel with you. Then book online or buy/rent at the store decorations for the hall and vehicles. Do not forget the bridal bouquet. The groom should think in advance how he will pick him up on the wedding day: he will send someone from his friends via delivery service or go on the eve of his own. Pick up the music - otherwise, on a holiday it can be an unpleasant surprise for you. Choose contests with a toastmaster, this is important if you want none of the guests to be offended. Rehearse the dance.


Wedding is a celebration for two or for guests?

Someone thinks that a wedding is the worst thing that can happen to him in this life, but, as they say, it is necessary. Someone, on the contrary, praises this event, calling it the most memorable. From these two positions depends directly on how you organize your wedding. If you do it for yourself, then do not consult with anyone about anything, but there is a risk that at the wedding ceremony itself everything will be dull and dull. If you ask everyone how he wants - then you risk not having a wedding at all. Because of how many people - so many opinions. It is best to ask a few questions to your closest friends, and already proceeding from their answer and their own attitude towards this whole thing, act.

What creates the image of the bride?

Oddly enough, the bride herself. Her mood on this day: smile, shining eyes, inner light. This is the most important thing. But not at all a magnificent dress, a pompous hairstyle, a plastered face and other attributes of modern wedding business. Yes, they, of course, help to create a certain atmosphere, but if the bride has a sour look and generally irritates everything around her, no one, even the most skilled makeup artist, hairdresser and other specialists can do anything. The same goes for the groom. But men, in general, are not very fond of all these fashionable trinkets, so the question they often do not have this.


How to make a wedding program?

A standard wedding looks like this. In the morning - make-up, visage, dressing, etc. Then, depending on the time of painting, the groom calls in for the bride, and you go to the registrar or be photographed immediately. In the evening - a restaurant. Friends go to be photographed with you. Relatives go home - because they need to recover, get together, etc. You can add something special - for example, bathing in the fountain in the central square of the city in the summer, having a wedding on the steamer, organizing for guests for the company, a tour of the city. In general, absolutely everything that can draw your imagination and fantasy is appropriate here.

Wedding is a great event. This is a mix of two loving hearts. But the most important thing begins later. Be happy!


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