How to become a "magnet" for money? Let in the wealth

Rich people became rich because they were doing things that the vast majority of people do not even suspect. In this article, we will talk about what needs to be done in order to get rid of problems with money, “let in” wealth into your life and gain wealth.

If you want to improve your relationship with money and significantly improve your financial situation, then you need to find out - what do wealthy people do, what don't you do now?

That is why such knowledge of big money is called “secrets”, although, in general, there is nothing complicated or secret about them.

The amount of money in our wallets is determined by our skills in properly handling your finances. Therefore, set a goal: in the very near future to master these skills thoroughly - and then they will quickly “turn” you into a real “magnet” for money.

For example, talk about some of these skills.

1. Having money is good, not bad.

To have money is good

For a long time in our society, talking about money was considered a “dirty”, immodest and shameful topic.

“They don’t talk about money at the table,” “money is evil,” and so on.

The problem is that our anti-monetary convictions completely “block” the arrival of decent money. If we ourselves prohibit talking about money, then we will never be able to “make friends” with them and we will have to interrupt “from paycheck to paycheck” for the rest of our lives.

2. Get rid of "bad" monetary habits.

Get rid of bad money habits

It is they who “push away” money from you, not allowing you to become a wealthy person.

Here are some typical mistakes people make (because of what, in fact, they experience a constant lack of money):

  • They "zero" spend all they receive a salary.
  • With the growth of their income, they immediately increase the level/quality of life.
  • Every time they buy more expensive cars.
  • They can afford a more expensive journey (vacation).
  • At the first opportunity, they immediately take a mortgage and buy a spacious apartment with one bedroom (with a large payment for a loan, a big expense for municipal services and higher taxes).

Most people have truly terrible money handling habits. But they are not ready to admit the fact that it is these habits that are the real cause of their endless financial problems.

3. Fill your "bowl of wealth."

Fill your bowl of wealth

Try to think of your financial well-being as a cup - imagine it as a beautiful teacup.

The fact is that you cannot have more money than the size of your "money cup":

  • If your cup is small, then you will be able to “pour” into it only a very small amount of money (your additional income will simply not physically fit into it and will splash out).
  • Your immediate task will be to “expand” the capacity of your cup so that it can fit more than it fits now.

To do this, you have to master the new habits of everyday handling of money and thoroughly "clear" your head from anti-monetary beliefs.

4. The wealth of people commensurate with their beliefs about wealth.

Plenty of people proportionate to their beliefs about wealth

The fact is that our financial well-being grows to the extent that we allow ourselves.

To “attract” wealth into your life (and be able to save it), you need to conduct an audit of how you think and react to money.

Small Blitz Test:

  1. Do you find yourself capable of getting rich? If your answer is "Yes", then you will definitely succeed! If your answer is “No,” then, alas, you don’t “shine.”
  2. Do you set aside 10–20% of each income earned? If your answer is "Yes", then by increasing money you will be able to gradually build your financial capital. If your answer is anyone other than “Yes,” then, alas, you are moving from your wealth, not to it.
  3. Do you have a loan? If your answer is "Yes", then all your thoughts are directed at repaying the loan, and not at the investment. A person WITHOUT investment (but With loans) voluntarily dooms himself to eternal problems with money.

5. Learn to manage your personal finances.

Learn to manage your personal finances

The truth of life is that most people do not have income problems, they have problems with expenses.

Every person earns enough to become an investor and make his money work “instead of himself”. However, most people live for years "to zero", because spends exactly the same as how much he earns (and even more - taking consumer and auto loans, mortgages and quick-to-pay loans).

Practice: learn to be friends with money.

Or you manage your money - and gradually get richer, or money controls you, depriving you of chances for a rich life.

  1. Scroll 1–2 pm to learn the basics of financial literacy.
  2. Get into a good habit of saving 10–20% of each salary received.
  3. After your financial cushion has accumulated, start channeling money to a reasonable investment.


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